Organic Farming & Integrated Agriculture

EDF is recruiting participants for its 2015 class of the Sustainable Agriculture Institute. Participants will be enrolled in a nine months program of study in intensive sustainable integrated agriculture and elements of organic farming. The major objective of this course is to train each participant how to achieve enhanced food security.

The Sustainable Agriculture Institute application form will be available online shortly or at the EDF office now.  Prospective participants can now apply for admission. Consult the EDF office for more details.

Check our new Re-forestation initiative.

Skills Training

Food processing and preservation
Tailoring and designing
Environmental issues
Income generating activities (I.G.As)
Village banking

Skills Training Details

Tailoring Design

Sewing and tailoring are taught in a ” learn by doing” style to maximize the re-skilling.



Details coming soon!



Food Processing

Food_oil processingC4

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Integrated Agriculture




Holistic farming is taught here.

Organic farming and natural pest control management
Local livestock production –  Click here to see more.