Integrated Agriculture

Organic farmingcrops-Organic grown tomatoes

Producing premium Crops and vegetables
– EDF provide training on how to produce chemically free food
– We make & use organic compost, liquid manure and organic fertilizers
– Training on Processing and preservation of the crop you grow.

Livestock management

We promote local livestock production on piggery, goats and chicken



Animal Husbandry – Taking care of Sow & piglets

A Sow pig can give births to piglets 3 times in a year and the minimum fallowing is 8-12 piglets each birthing.

pigs_eight weeks old

Getting pigs to market weight- We teach how to make feed for your stock

We use Piggery to Sustain the center and teach farmers how to better support their households.

Pigs are an excellent source of manure to make compost for organic agriculture. The health benefits of organic food is the big advantage.


Chickens_Widow Martha feeding_Layers1

Care and feeding of Laying hens to increase egg

Local chicken production and generated income

Advantage of raising a local chicken
– Consumption of feed is less
– It resist from diseases
– The meat is taste and nutritious
– It is on high demand Chickens_IGA broilers

Broilers can be raised in 42 days to market ready

But Disadvantages are : –  High consumption of feed
Susceptible to diseases – Less demand on market