Environmental Empowerment

The EDF centre is beginning a program in agro-forestry to encourage reforestation and discourage continued deforestation in our communities. EDF is currently planting trees in a nursery area to provide resources for  organizations and individuals who want to take the initiative in reforestation their communities.

Horticultural seedlings will be for sale as a deterrent measure on deforestation. Those organizations and individuals wishing to order can do so by downloading an order form (coming soon here at our website). Orders should  specifying their requirements throughout the coming year for the next year. See the Ordering information for preferred planting / transplanting times.

Empowerment of women

Tailoring class

Teaching Women Tailoring

is a central part of EDF’s mission.

Teaching women skills in sewing and tailoring to increase their income potential.

Encouraging Village Banking to give women access to micro-loans to fund new business initiatives.

Village banking

Village banking day

Details coming soon!