Workshops & Seminars:

EDF is running training workshops for rural farmers and women’s training seminars for clothing design and sewing

Details coming soon!

Health Programs:

EDF is providing educational support for health initiatives.

The Malaria prevention and primary health care project is one of our most important ongoing projects.  This project sensitizes the community about practicing good hygiene to protect them from contacting the deadly disease malaria. This programs runs continuously year in and year out. This initiative focuses on spraying the local spots where the mosquitoes breed such as in areas where stagnant water collects and helps the community identify those areas.  It facilitates that each family use mosquito treated nets as preventive measure.

Maternal health program: EDF is offering training in maternal health care to the community birth attendants, providing training for them on how best they can help an expectant mother. EDF is also providing basic Family planning and nutrition programs

EDF is advocating to community leaders and members on the importance of  clean drinking water to the general health of the community

EDF is offering training sessions on how to construct an improve pit latrine (VIP toilets) and proper waste treatment.

 Cooperative Marketing:

EDF is helping to establish Farm Produce Marketing Cooperatives

Details coming soon!


Institute Curriculum:

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